Celebrating World Book Day

On Thursday 2nd March, children around the world will taking part in the 20th World Book Day, where authors, illustrators, books and reading will be celebrated for the day across 100 countries.

Reading is such an important part of a child’s education, and this day gives them the chance to share their favourite books, discuss their favourite authors, and dress up as their favourite characters, all while raising money for charity.

Children are given the opportunity to buy a new book with a voucher provided by World Book Day from many independent book shops, supermarkets and larger book stores, to get them even more excited about reading.

To further encourage people to take part in this day, schools are provided with resource packs including several fun, book-related activities, and display materials for their classrooms. There are also plenty of tips and some great inspiration available on the World Book Day website.

If you’re looking for a simple, book related activity to try out at home, we have provided some colouring-in pages on our website which you can download. We would love to see your children’s BuZZy creations!

The BuZZy Friends would be delighted to be part of your World Book Day celebrations, and our colourful and engaging books are written in rhyme which we have found to be really popular with our young readers.

We are currently offering free UK delivery for orders over £10 across our book range, so you can start your BuZZy collection, or add to your existing one, and enjoy this special offer.


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